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Pet Cemetery

Pet Cemetery

Cremation and burial of family pets

We offer pet cremation in our licensed crematorium and pet burial in our lawn cemetery. Pet's ashes are returned home to families. We offer a complete range of urns, wooden ash boxes, pet memorial plaques, keepsakes, Caskets (coffins) and headstones.

People and their pets have enjoyed each other's company through many millenniums. This bond with people is strong and the dependence of people on pets equals that of them on us. They are often treated as one of the family.

However they are not ours forever, and one day we will have to suffer the grief of the loss of that pet. The Pet Cemetery & Crematorium Greenbank has a history of serving pet lovers for over thirty seven years with the care of pets at the time of their death. We offer cremation and burial services, and we also provide pre-need plans.

Pet Cemetery Pet Cemetery Pet Cemetery

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